Firm Foundations: Creation to Christ

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                     Dates: Sunday Mornings, 9/12/21-12/4/22                                                        Time: 9:45 am - 10:45 am

Teacher: Keith Kerr

Location: New Hope Missionary Baptist Church, 2030 Wisconsin St., Eugene, OR 97402

Everyone is welcome to attend. No prior Bible knowledge required.

This unique Bible Study systematically lays a solid foundation for the Gospel. Those who have never head or trusted in this wonderful story will learn what God did to provide our salvation. Those who already understand the Gospel will see God in a new and living way and come to understand how the Old and New Testaments fit together as one continuous story.

This curriculum's lessons follow God's pattern of progressively revealing Himself and His plan of redemption within the context of history. Beginning in Genesis and progressing through the Old Testament and the life of Christ, you will learn the key themes of the Bible and get to know the character of God. This study answers the most significant of all questions: "How can I be accepted by God?"

This class is designed for adults of all ages. Sunday School classes are also available for children. Bring you family and come visit with us!